• 100% customizable

    Flexible template system

    No need for FTP for styling

    Powerful Engine

  • Security is important

    keZoor is very flexible but also mantains security, field-validations, captcha, access logging and more.

  • Built in Gallery

    Display your pictures with ease

    Let users share pictures with you

  • Start selling your products online

    Easy setup

    Compatible with PayPal


  • Create your website

    Develop. Customize. Innovate
    With the built in features of keZoor you dont need anything else to make your website stand out, from intiutive beautiful galleries to a complete store system you are ready to go to create your website. We provide pre-created themes so you can create your website with a pre-made design but you can also use it as a base design and create your own unique theme as you like it to be. View more about the features.

    Avoid FTP Hassle

    Edit templates inside the admin panel,
    upload new media with your file browser

    Everything already there

    Create your own photo galleries,
    stores, slides, forums, blogs.

    Simple CSS Editing

    Edit your CSS easily, use our CSS-Inline-Editor to find out what CSS to edit by looking at your website

    Try the demo

    Username: demo
    Password: demo

    Dont take just our word for it. Look at what others say

  • With Kezoor i was able to develop my website with basic HTML skills, i didnt have to get into the PHP code which im not very good with, this way i avoided all the hassle of PHP coding and just did it with simple HTML tutorials

    - Joshua

  • Go the extra mile, you are not limited to simple websites

    Develop Web Applications
    keZoor provides you with a template engine, user system, galleries, forum, store and everything you need outside the box, with this tools you can develop your custom website, it can be anything you want since you have access to core PHP files to develop new features or your own system by using our powerful engine.
  • Store System

    Turn your website into a store by just enabling an option! Discounts, Reviews, Customizable Products, Comments, Shipping Quote Request, Paypal Integration and Much More!


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  • Feature


    Create beautiful sliders with an intuitive interface in just minutes, add them anywhere you want in the website

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  • Feature

    CSS Editor

    Find and identify the CSS/HTML part of the code you want to modify with our CSS Inspector, a firebug-alike feature to make your life easier

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  • Feature


    Create multi-language content with ease, with our easy multi language system there is no need to create thousand of pages or menues for different languages

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